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Reviewer: Ln X Signed [Report This]
Date: 26 May 2011 00:08 Title: Chapter 3

Alright so Ronnick's employer is a member of the True Way... cool. Four things (minor and major) that irked me:

1. In the first scene; there was an airship!?! Mid 21st century and nations/factions use airships?

2. Desert Storm; are you referring to the First Gulf war?

3. 'Though Ezri had accumulated much of Jadzia’s knowledge and memories when the slug like creature known as Dax had been transferred from the now deceased Jadzia Idaris to Ezri Tigan, she was not as familiar as her predecessor host with Earth history.'

What? But Ezri has Jadzia's memories, wouldn't she have a similar familiarity with Earth history? Unless of course it is the result of the binding of Dax and Ezri...

4. Magnaulty's response after Marquez dies. If Magnaulty knows that Marquez was killed by something in the open panel, then logically Magnaulty would give that a panel a wide berth. Marquez was an engineer and if he biffed it from some kind of fault in the open panel, then why would Magnaulty with limited knowledge in engineering attempt to find the fault which is highly dangerous? Either Magnaulty is a complete idiot or common sense has just been thrown out of the airlock.

Please feel free to review my stories with an equally critical focus, it will help me find any plot flaws or other mistakes.

Author's Response: Not the True Way, but a group connected with the True Way. As for possible flaws, this story one of my first forays into fan-fiction writing, I may eventually smooth some of them. 1. "Airship" is actually a general term in the 24th century for any aircraft, even present day military aircraft. 2. Yes, Desert Storm is reference to the first Gulf War. 3. As for Ezri, remember, she hadn't planned on being joined, so reconciling the duality between host and symbiont might be a more difficult process. From what was established in canon, each host mostly lives their own lives rather than just continuations of previous host's lives. This story later illustrates a duality in Ezri's perceptions of friends and colleagues, as both her oldest and dearest friends and people she's known for only a year and a half. 4. In my observation, redshirts (or yellow-shirts in the TNG era) don't always appear very smart. Two examples I've noticed were the redshirts the Nomad probe vaporized in "The Changeling" and "Heart of Glory" where the guard who kills one of the Klingons just stands there and lets himself get shot by the other Klingon.

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