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Reviewer: Nerys Ghemor Signed [Report This]
Date: 25 Jun 2009 04:34 Title: Entire Essay

Very interesting to read your history of the Q!

I can understand why you would want a secular theory of the Q...for those who hold to Gene Roddenberry's secular ideal, I can see where the intrusion of anything supernatural or religious would be a problem.  I know that in my own fanfic (including the Multiversal Round Robin going on here on the Ad Astra forum), I've taken a different tack and had one of my characters, who was a religious believer, posit an entirely different explanation as to what the Q were which was very much affected by his beliefs.  (And it is, incidentally, the explanation I personally go with when I write the Trekiverse because I never have and never will claim to do so from a secular view.)

But as far as a naturalistic explanation of the Q goes--this is genius!  The entire history and the database of the Q Continuum--and everything else you've done, does a wonderful job of tying up what we know about the Q from canon into one neat little package. :-)

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