Reviews For Sins Of The Father
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Reviewer: Anna Amuse Signed [Report This]
Date: 03 Jun 2009 10:58 Title: Sins Of The Father

I liked Sarek's explanation of the Chancellor's words. It was indeed logical, because the scene in question made me wonder exactly that -- are the Vulcans who run VSA no better than their immature children? You provided a very logical explanation and a very Vulcan one. Quinto!Spock has obviously never learned to control his emotions in any way, for he clearly doesn't need his planet to be destroyed to release them. But then, that's the new reality. Mellow Sarek included.

I admire how consistent your writing is with this new reality, because so many authors simply fill the lacunes with TOS-canon stuff and it isn't right or fair to anyone. Good job all around!

Author's Response: The similarities/divergencies between old and alternate Trek are fascinating to play with, and I find they are just so rich with possibilities. I know I'm in the minority, but I don't feel that the Sarek-Spock split either a) happened or b) lasted as long or was as bitter as it was in TOS. Sarek's line in AOS about being a child of two worlds just doesn't fit that image for me. And I felt compelled to address the whole "Vulcan anti-Human prejudice" that's been creeping up in later Treks (DS9 a bit, and ENT a whole lot) as it just doesn't make any sense nor is it consistent with what we know about Vulcan logic. Thanks for the review!

Reviewer: SLWatson Signed [Report This]
Date: 27 May 2009 17:51 Title: Sins Of The Father

I'm not sure I much care for the new Spock, what with all of his kinda childishness, but you write well (is this a surprise?) and paint a much more loving look at the father/son relationship than occurred in the original canon. Good answer for the challenge!

Author's Response: Thanks. I think this time around either the father-son estrangement didn't take place, or else was of much shorter duration. Either way, I do like to think that this conversation really happened.

Reviewer: Mistral Signed [Report This]
Date: 27 May 2009 08:50 Title: Sins Of The Father

Well done. Logical. It is the conversation that had to take place.

Author's Response: And who better to do so than the new timeline's "kinger, gentler" Sarek? Thanks for the feedback!

Reviewer: Gibraltar Signed [Report This]
Date: 24 May 2009 05:55 Title: Sins Of The Father

A poignant look at a young, impulsive Spock.  I get the impression that in this timeline, Spock's relationship with his father will not be as strained as in original canon. 

I loved Sarek's more gently worded, "Man up and stay the course."  It definitely needed to be said, and Spock certainly needed to hear it.

Author's Response: I am of two minds of whether or not there was an estrangement between father and son in the new canon. But if there was a breach, it was certainly healed much sooner than in the original timeline. I think the more emotionally-confident Spock we saw in the new canon was definitely as a result of his improved relationship with his father.

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