Reviews For Dutiful Attention
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Reviewer: Nerys Ghemor Signed [Report This]
Date: 11 May 2009 06:35 Title: Chapter 1

You know what the sad part was when I was reading this?  I knew it was going to be a slash fic in some way--yet I missed the fact that this wasn't some sort of Cardassian exercise ritual until Garak started...showing symptoms.  And of course when he turned to the camera and called Bashir out for watching--at that point I just about fell out of my chair!  God, I managed to be so oblivious...!

Of course, once I read it again I could see just how obvious it was he was doing a Cardassian Chippendales routine!  While I doubt Garak would've done THAT particular thing in canon, it was quite amusing, I must admit.

You know the weird thing...I swear, the more I actually pay attention to DS9 and read your fic--the more I become convinced that unlike most shipper pairings...there might actually be something to this one.

(BTW, one question.  Do you know what Garak did, by any chance, to figure out that Bashir was going to be spying on him?)

Author's Response:

LOL! If I ever turn you into a shipper of any kind, that'll be the day! Amazing... But even non-shippers have to admit that Garak was indeed treading the line of sexuality very thinly. Nobody could dance around the issue like him. That the good doctor could be equally flexible is not exactly supported by canon, but this is where we fangirls dream. ;o)

And oh, Garak is a spy after all. I'd wager that he keeps a thorough eye on Odo constantly. Especially since Odo does all the hard work of setting up all those monitors he can tap into and keep up with everything on the station. I wouldn't be surprised either if he set up the little lunch incident himself, just to mess with Bashir's head. Finding out that Bashir intended to watch him, I can only imagine must have been a happy coincidence. And naturally Garak takes gross advantage of the situation. Mwahaha.  

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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