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Reviewer: Robert Bruce Scott Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 24 Mar 2022 02:35 Title: Part 3 - The Escape: 4

I'm a serious fan of these many versions of Frobisher. We first met him as a villain and this Fro seems more like a world saver. We've met an evil alt-Michael and Michael prime is beginning to realize he's currently dealing with a rather unsavory version of his brother and a probably dangerously unhinged version of his father. 

There's some sort of quantum entanglement playing out with all these people - they keep encountering different versions of one another in one doomed universe after another. Einstein would have called it insanely spooky action at a distance...

By now Michael should by used to this trend of pretty much every Maya punching him or pointing weapons at him...

Thanks!! rbs

Author's Response: There is no suprise that people love playing with alternate universes in fiction. There are so many fun story options to explore. It's even better when you can do it with a set of established characters that come with certain expectations. Very glad you are enjoying this and that you've been able to previously read some of the stories where many of these characters first appeared. And yeah, Maya punching (or kissing) someone is clearly a theme in this trilogy. Lastly, fun fact, I'm pretty sure Quantum Entanglment was an early working title for the trilogy.

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