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Reviewer: Gumnut Signed [Report This]
Date: 03 Apr 2009 12:06 Title: Chapter 1

I get the feeling I'm skimming over the surface of a vast universe I have yet to delve into. I've seen many a post on your journal about Corry and Scotty, but haven't yet read any of your Arc of the Wolf (mostly because I'm into Kirk more than Scotty and I'm a slacker, but you've known me long enough to know the latter :D) However, each time you've posted, I've wondered exactly what all those fics were about.

Well, today I read my first one. God, you know how to characterise :D I don't know Corry and I hardly know Scotty, but the two of them leapt off the page and slapped me silly. This is obviously a little fic in a big universe and only the smallest of windows into it, but your characterisation was vivid

I will be reading more of your universe (got a starting point you could throw me at?) and you'll turn me into a Scotty fan yet :D Thanks so much for writing and sharing...though I have to ask...where on Earth do you get the time to write and maintain the board and archive? You is amazing.

(who needs to start managing her time much better)

Author's Response: Heya Nutty -- thank you. Yeah, the Arc of the Wolf is huge; as of last count, over 200,000 words, between myself and a few others have chipped in on it. But generally, not all of the fics are too long; On the Nature of Wind is the longest. The best place to start is at the beginning with the set called Distant Horizons: Better still is that 'Wait' even has a little Spock and McCoy in it. ;-)

LOL! I don't really know how I get time. I guess it helps that I work from home, and only part time, though. Most of the time was spent in setting it up; after that, it's all about maintaining, and that's always easier. Plus, I have good help -- Teddog and Mike are there if I can't be.

Thanks again! Faithful wasn't one of my favorites, but its grown on me since then. I really hope you enjoy the other ones, as well.

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