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Reviewer: CeJay Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 08 Feb 2021 21:12 Title: Episode 20.7: Survival - - Blue Morning, Blue Day

Interesting pivot, from existential threats straight to alien BO.

I think you stated this in a previous chapter, that Bajorans have the most sensitive sense of smell. Always thought that was Vulcans.

Regardless, it never occurred to me, and Trek rarely addressed this, but with so many different species and hybrids around in Hunter's case, you'd think that ship had one seriously unique odor.

Feeling a bit sorry for Boles here, being outright to,d that you stink ain't nice. I'm sure he takes regular sonic showers.

Author's Response:

As T'Lon observed, Kenny has become a hardass... Dr. Jazz is a much nicer guy.

I took my cue about bajoran olifactory talent from the nose ridges. Vulcans might have more sensitive noses, or it may be that they don't go nose blind as quickly as we do. Humans typically adjust to oders within 2-3 seconds. Strong oders - maybe 5.

Glad you got a kick out of the pivot. Thanks!! rbs

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