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Reviewer: CeJay Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 19 Oct 2020 20:07 Title: Chapter 17

This reminds of that time Spock said "Live Long and Prosper" in the 09 Trek movie and it sounded much more like a certain two word sentence.

Maybe not quite as harsh here but not an entirely different sentiment, I'm sure. And it's hard to blame him.

Great story, once again, even if it took me a minute to get to the end.

Author's Response: Haha, Suvin's pretty cranky right now. I feel for Pel, but I also get where Suvin is coming from, poor kid. Thank you again for taking the time to leave feedback and for your kind words. :)

Reviewer: CeJay Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 19 Oct 2020 20:00 Title: Chapter 16

The absentee parents finally return. Yeah, I know that's not fair but if nothing else, T'Lin got a great spooky house out of all this.

Author's Response: Thanks! Yeah, T'Lin had a rough few days, but the house is pretty cool...

Reviewer: CeJay Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 18 Oct 2020 21:07 Title: Chapter 15

Returned to this after a bit of an absence. Still a telling look behind the curtain of a traditional Vulcan family. And as it turns out, not everything they do is inherently logical, or at least, doesn't appear that way.

Prime example, Veral's mother is quite a piece of work while T'Lin continues to struggle with very human like insecurities.

Excellent dialogue, great read.

Author's Response: Thank you! :)

Reviewer: CeJay Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 09 Aug 2020 09:47 Title: Chapter 14

Uh, some super low key Vulcan-style passive aggression there at the end. Nice.

T'Lin's reaction to coffee is much like my own. Love the smell, hate the taste. Although, spitting the stuff out didn't seem very Vulcan to me. On second thought: If you hate it, don't drink it, seems logical.

"Oh it's a math game!" is the clear winner in this chapter. Also, love the tie-in with DS9, yet another example of canon Trek going out of their way to make Vulcans unsympathetic to the point of villainy.

Author's Response: LOL, thanks! I feel like she had no choice but to spit it out because there was no way she was going to be able to gag it down. (I actually like coffee, but I only drink it when I go out. When I'm home I stick with tea.) And I 100% agree about canon and Vulcans. I think a big part of why so many of my stories are Vulcan-centric is because I'm so disappointed with all of the unsympathetic Vulcans in canon.

Reviewer: CeJay Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 04 Aug 2020 20:16 Title: Chapter 13

A wealth cap? That sounds so ... logical. An idea difficult to imagine in our uber capitalist society but I can certainly see the merit in it. And not just in a socialist kinda way.

"Perhaps it is," Veral said. She suspected he used that same tone when he told a patient with a serious disease that there was still a slim chance of survival.

That made me chuckle.

Author's Response: Thanks! I felt to me like a Vulcan way to deal with ambitious people who might otherwise go full robber baron on society.

Reviewer: CeJay Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 30 Jul 2020 20:17 Title: Chapter 12

Yeah, I always assumed Vulcan bureaucracy to be the stuff of nightmares and I'm sure you touched on this before.

But hey, if T'Lin and company can get a new house from it, great for them. Not that I would want to live in it. It ain't logical, I know, but I'm with Zira on that one. Better not take the chance of stirring long dead, vengeful Vulcan spirits.

Author's Response: Definitely! You just know they will make you re-do the entire form if you make a single typo... The next story actually deals in part with those Vulcan spirits, maybe not literal ghosts, but the long persistence of memory in a species that lives for centuries and passes down its memories telepathically.

Reviewer: CeJay Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 30 Jul 2020 20:13 Title: Chapter 11

If only contemporary humans were as prepared for "widespread quarantine" as Vulcans. We may have been able to avoid the great 2020 Toilet Paper Crisis and perhaps even far more serious matters.

Oh well, I'm not the one to talk, really.

Author's Response: I will admit that the bit about everyone having their emergency supplies in order was very much inspired by current events. Thank you for the comment. :)

Reviewer: CeJay Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 30 Jul 2020 20:09 Title: Chapter 10

I liked T'Lin's fascination with the house and the Vulcan history lesson focused on their less than logical past.

To me, T'Lin felt a bit more unsympathetic to Zira here, perhaps more so than usual and I wonder if it might be due to the stress she has experienced from the turbulent last few days.

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I can't say I wrote T'Lin that way specifically, but now I wonder if I might have done it unconsciously because she is under so much stress and not at her best.

Reviewer: Robert Bruce Scott Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 20 Jul 2020 18:13 Title: Chapter 17

I liked that the story remained on Vulcan and tightly focused even as larger events were occasionally referenced. The story has a bit of the feeling of the movie "Signs" in that narrow, successful focus. 

An interesting place to end the story. With this type of story there really is no typical ending place because things never completely resolve - and if they did it would almost necessarialy ring false. 

Really well done! Thanks! rbs

Author's Response: I'm so glad you enjoyed it! I really appreciate you leaving comments on my fic. It's so encouraging to know that people are reading and enjoying my work. Thank you again! :)

Reviewer: Robert Bruce Scott Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 20 Jul 2020 18:08 Title: Chapter 16

Odd the amount of not talking to Suvin and allowing him time to process. Again - not very human, but believably vulcan. 

Nice short chapter - to the point.

Thanks!! rbs

Author's Response: Thank you much!

Reviewer: Robert Bruce Scott Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 20 Jul 2020 16:59 Title: Chapter 15

Another glimpse into the emotional lives of these emotionally damaged vulcans. 

Interesting discussion regarding the music and its therapeutic effects.

Thanks!! rbs

Author's Response: Thank you for the comment. :)

Reviewer: Robert Bruce Scott Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 20 Jul 2020 16:48 Title: Chapter 14

Favorite line: "especially among species that used the same oriface for both activities..."

Of course it makes sense vulcans would like baseball. Unlike modern Americans, they would have the patience for it.

Nice clue with the taste of cold metal. 

Author's Response: Thank you!

Reviewer: Robert Bruce Scott Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 20 Jul 2020 16:37 Title: Chapter 13

Wealth cap - very logical. That would go over like a led balloon in the US. But it would make the lives of the very wealthy so much better - they could stop and simply enjoy. Not to mention the beneficial impact on the rest of society.

Ambitious vulcans, who'd have thought?

Thanks!! rbs

Author's Response: Yeah, I feel like reaching a wealth cap is the equivalent of "winning" the game of making money, and now you can move on to something else.

Reviewer: Robert Bruce Scott Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 20 Jul 2020 16:31 Title: Chapter 12

Nice complexities of vulcan history and law, making this a very rich, interesting story. 

Vulcans are amazing compartmentalizers. A human family would fret endlessly over the missing child and not get much else done.

Thanks!! rbs

Author's Response: Thank you very much! One struggle I have writing these stories is making sure my characters are distinctly Vulcan and not just humans with pointy ears, so I'm glad that they seem to come across that way.

Reviewer: Robert Bruce Scott Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 20 Jul 2020 01:39 Title: Chapter 11

Interesting deail about emergency planning. We seem to be following similar trails. STH presents Vulcan as a dying world - done in by the last civil war.

It looks like we're doing something similar with Trillus Prime as well - a lush world but somehow the trills manage to make it an unhappy place for a majority of their populations.

Kudos again on a very original story.

Thanks!! rbs

Author's Response: Thanks very much! I'm still finding my way with the Trill worldbuilding, but there will definitely be some stuff about the less pleasant parts of their world in the future.

Reviewer: Robert Bruce Scott Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 20 Jul 2020 01:28 Title: Chapter 10

I would imagine Vulcan as a refuge for all kinds of psychologically damaged people. Very interesting tight little world with this group.


I appreciate all teh visual detail. It really helps place the characters in to story. And a good trick to place an unjoined trill with claustrophobia inside a spooky old mansion with a bloody history.

Fun! Thanks! rbs

Author's Response: Thank you! I agree about Vulcan. I think a lot of people would find it restful, and a good place to recover from trauma.

Reviewer: Robert Bruce Scott Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 19 Jul 2020 19:47 Title: Chapter 9

Homonym chew - Pp beginning "T'Lin raised an eyebrow..." I thinki you meant "bare" instead of "bear"

Interesting take by a vulcan on vulcan gossip. Also very interesting communication between siblings. It makes sense that close relatives would have very powerful telepathic bonds that would allow for reading at a distance.

Thanks!! rbs

Author's Response: Thank you for catching that! I've fixed it. Thanks thanks for the feedback as well. :)

Reviewer: CeJay Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 23 Jun 2020 23:14 Title: Chapter 9

You know you're on Vulcan when preschool kids are learning fractions.

Also, "... I would know...the beard...why?" was the exact sea question I had for Spock in Discovery. Although I never got an answer to that one.

I'm also really curious what motivated a respected member of the community to possibly work together with the Orions to kidnap Vulcan children.

Another great chapter.

Reviewer: CeJay Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 22 Jun 2020 00:07 Title: Chapter 8

Really liked this chapter a lot.

I had almost forgotten about T'Lin's condition and the way it cam back at the most inopportune moment was really powerful and made me feel real sorry for her, especially after the way she had just handled this crisis with her brother.

The writing, as usual, is really tight here, with great dialogue and perhaps even better prose. The characters all feel very genuine, creating real moments of tenderness which one might find surprising among Vulcans.

Also, just noticed the way characters always consider time in a very precise manner. Neat little detail I'm not sure I had realized before.

Oh, and where the hell are Nishan's parents? Not cool leaving him with T'Lin without so much as a note. I get they have a lot of problems, but still, that's your baby, people.

Reviewer: CeJay Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 22 Jun 2020 00:01 Title: Chapter 7

What a major plot twist.

This wouldn't be an unusual development for an action-adventure story, but considering that this is about a group of mostly ordinary Vulcans, I didn't expect them to get caught up with Starfleet, the V'Shar and the Orion Syndicate.

It's a lot for poor T'Lin having to deal with while at the same time unable to rely on the support of her parents or her husband.

And yet she does an excellent job dealing with her scared little brother in coxing important information out of him.

Reviewer: CeJay Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 15 Jun 2020 01:14 Title: Chapter 6

The news on Vulcan in the future are the same type as the news on present-day Earth: Always bad.

Looks like T'Lin may have to play ersatz-mom to Suvin. Hope they have a good counselor on speed-comms. The kid might need one.

Author's Response: Yeah, Suvin's having a rough time right now, poor kid.

Reviewer: Robert Bruce Scott Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 10 Jun 2020 02:33 Title: Chapter 8

I am very much enjoying this story - excellent plot development and nice, unexpected twists. I like the limited exposure to Star Fleet and generally civilian nature of the story. 

Also a nice irony that an Andorian is called on to resolve problems on Vulcan...

Thanks!! rbs

Author's Response: Thank you! :)

Reviewer: Robert Bruce Scott Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 10 Jun 2020 02:18 Title: Chapter 7

And our dysfuntional vulcans just got a lot darker... in league with Orion slavers... 


Nice - Thanks!! rbs

Author's Response: Yeah, things get a little intense for a while. ;)

Reviewer: CeJay Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 09 Jun 2020 23:17 Title: Chapter 5

It's the little things in this story which are particularly delightful (which, of course, is not to say that this entire series is not delightful) such as the image of a Vulcan ordering a pizza pie via the transporter. I wonder if they have Dominio's on Vulcan.

Author's Response: Thank you! :)

Reviewer: CeJay Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 09 Jun 2020 23:08 Title: Chapter 4

Somehow I didn't expect Vulcans to be horders, doesn't seem logical to me to hang on to things for sentimental reasons. Then again, maybe it has to do with tradition.

I totally buy the "difficult" Vulcan preteen though. And you thought human kids can be challenging.

Author's Response: Heh, I think it less as hoarding and more as inertia plus a legacy of scarce resources. They've got all this stuff from all the previous generations that have occupied the house and yeah, probably some of it could be thrown out, but some of it might be useful someday and it would take a while to sort it all out, and it's not bothering anyone down there, so they'll leave it for now and get to it...eventually.

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