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Reviewer: SLWalker Signed [Report This]
Date: 26 Jul 2013 05:45 Title: 'The Devil's in the Details'

Hot damn but this chapter is filled with all kinds of awesome and genius. From McGregor's brilliant maneuvering to Noah getting some recognition, to Rah being... well, Rah! It seems a particularly well coordinated ballet. And one part cop drama and one part sitcom and one large part awesome action flick, with a grittier flavored Trek. I envy you right now. Lots.

Reviewer: trekfan Signed [Report This]
Date: 01 Jun 2013 17:22 Title: 'The Devil's in the Details'

Whew, and the plan was put into action. What a plan! McGregor wasn’t doing any of the usual stuff, as detailed in Chomsky’s briefing (which was well detailed and very informative. I loved the statmat idea, a smart thing that proper Starfleet should use at some point) but rather to use nature against Thaddeus. A subspace sandbar? HA! Brilliant stuff.

Further, seeing Noah work Ops so well and McGregor actually compliment the guy was as surprising to me as it was to Noah. I could scarcely believe Noah didn’t fall out of his chair and pass out in joyful glee on the deck. He managed to hold it together though, and he did his job well.

The breach onto the ship was well described and kinda tense. I was expecting some major trouble, with the abandoned corridors and such but, no, thankfully it was pretty SOP in there. Sebastian got some nice one liners here, Jex did a great job being atop her game, and T’Vel delivered a perfect line to end the chapter. No, Thaddeus, you don’t get the chance to surrender. The ship is the Kestrel’s and you, well you are too … now the question is what exactly does McGregor plan to do with him and the ship?

Reviewer: Starfire Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 28 Nov 2010 18:26 Title: 'The Devil's in the Details'

Haha McGregor's a crafty sod. Worry the oppo so badly they forget where they are and run into an anomaly that stops them dead.

Remind me never to get on Rah's bad side after what he did to the pirate crew.

Author's Response:

Oh but this was Rah being polite. He didn't shred the furniture or anything [spoiler for a line McGregor will be using later]. Hee, hee. Yeah crafty sod sums up McGregor. And worrying the enemy is what he does. Or drives them demented and deranged like he did to T'Hos.

His plan seems to have come together ... seems ... ;)

Thanks again for reading and reviewing Starfire. Always appreciate it.

Reviewer: kes7 Signed [Report This]
Date: 17 Nov 2010 16:16 Title: 'The Devil's in the Details'

Wow! I don't even know where to start with this. What a cool chapter!

First of all, you painted the clearest picture yet of the mysterious Thaddeus. A petty (and slovenly) thug living large on his crimes, only now, it seems he's temporarily been thrust into the apparently unwanted role of slave trader? Wow. I can see that creating complications galore for the crew of the Kestrel as they attempt to take him down. Way too many innocent bystanders ... yikes.

Then there was the bridge scene. Nice to see that McGregor does his homework. There just may be a method to his madness after all. Also nice to see Noah getting some positive notice for once, though if I were him I'd be annoyed at McGregor calling me a "kid" and a "boy" practically to my face. He is a Starfleet officer, albeit a green one, and a bridge officer at that. But he did well, and it was nice to see it recognized.

As for the invasion ... this is where I get all gushy fangirl on you and can't keep my thoughts straight. So bear with me while I jump around in an attempt to hit the highlights ... okay, first off, NICE characterizations here along with the action. You jumped from POV to POV, but the way you did it was effective and gave an awesome glimpse into each character's frame of mind. Deodzi was interesting as she balanced her symbiont's memories with its skills, and seemed to do so quite competently. Templar was every bit the tactical badass while still being relatable since he DID have fear -- but it was mixed with adrenaline and excitement and a desire to kick ass. I know he's not a nice guy, but I sort of love him anyway. Then we have Mila and her statmats -- that's a cool bit of technology to drop in there, and easy to visualize. Rah is, as expected, a scary killing machine. And then we come to T'Vel. Cool, calm, collected and in charge, like a Vulcan should be. Quite the moment of win for our troubled Vulcan! I LOVED her last line to Thaddeus, and the added contrast of her lithe, composed Vulcan looks and demeanor next to the heavy, slobbering, defeated Bolian thug. Even the minor players in this bit were deftly handled -- I could easily visualize Submino, Timmian, and Thaddeus's "associates."

So, the characterization was great, but then you weaved it in with all that cool action. Tactical drones, fire in the hole, Rah's crazy attack, the cutting into the hull and running in there with guns at the ready ... all of it was really cool and interesting to read about, and so well grounded by the little character touches. 

Sorry for writing a freaking novella as a comment, but I seriously loved this chapter. More, please?

Author's Response:

More delivered! Once again, just to say here, big thank you for the awesome review. You can be fangirly anytime. The characterisation is everything. Without the crazy stuff and the action and the drama counts for nothing. As for the slaves ... complications are on their way...

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