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Reviewer: SLWalker Signed [Report This]
Date: 25 Jul 2013 03:42 Title: 'Taking Stock of the Heart' [A Frontier Girl]

The blend from one conversation to another here is really well done, you can almost see the camera panning. I liked how Jex was both serious and a little silly in trying to deal with Noah's angst. And I loved Judy's reasoning behind why she wants to stay with the Kestrel. Jocum is kind of a jerk trying to force her hand like that and it's awesome seeing her stand up for herself.

Reviewer: trekfan Signed [Report This]
Date: 31 May 2013 07:11 Title: 'Taking Stock of the Heart' [A Frontier Girl]

Oh, poor Cutler. He’s put himself on lockdown, exile, and he’s got himself in the most miserable, worst way. I can’t blame him. McGregor laid into him hard and left the young guy no room for defense or anything remotely close to it. He verbally beat him and then sent him on his way. Cutler wants to run, wants to get away from it, transfer out, and I can’t blame him again.

But he needs to take a page from Sebastian’s book I think. He needs to acknowledge that past failure and he needs to plow on ahead. Right now he’s wallowing in misery and I feel his pain, I really do, I’ve been there and done that. It’s no good. It’s still no good, to this day, it’s a waste of time in any case. Noah needs to listen to Jex and just do the best he can.

Seeing Judith hop in here and provide wise counsel was good. I’m glad everyone else isn’t taking it hard on the young guy. I really, really wish that McGregor would just apologize to him or at the very least offer him a whiskey. Whatever the case, Judith has her own issues to deal with as Jocum, her friend/lover is just not pleased with her constant need to be a frontier doctor.

He doesn’t get it. She belongs out there, it’s born in her. She can’t change that and if she tried she’d be miserable. If he was smart, he’d just follow her and tag along. Business can come from anywhere. Love is the hardest thing of all to find.  

Reviewer: PSGarak Signed [Report This]
Date: 05 Sep 2009 03:20 Title: 'Taking Stock of the Heart' [A Frontier Girl]

I daresay Monroe is better off without a scab like that. I imagine it happens to Starfleet personnel a lot, getting involved with people who can't understand their obligations and duty and expect them to leave it behind to settle down. I have lots of friends in the military who say they go through that a lot. Nice side glimpse into the more personal life of the doctor. It makes me respect her more, too.

Author's Response:

Thanks. Yes, such things have to be an all too familiar story for those serving. Very sad in many ways. Though Judith Monroe has her reasons for not wanting to settle down. And there's more of her story to come soon.

Reviewer: Anna Amuse Signed [Report This]
Date: 15 Jul 2009 09:29 Title: 'Taking Stock of the Heart' [A Frontier Girl]

Well, that was... harsh. Hm. Many psychological issues here. First of, I'm glad someone's talking some sense into Cutler. He's damn insecure and McGregor's lecture back there didn't help. Hm. Good point on Monroe's part.

Then Monroe herself. Well, that's a case of classic gender bending there, with her and Jocum. And masterfully done, too. You can feel her being reluctant to hurt him and yet being unable to give up her chosen way of life. What's particularly good about it is that you can understand them both here and sympathize with both. Good work!

Author's Response:

Thanks Anna. Glad it worked and that both parties could be sympathised with. And one can only hope that the chat works with Noah, but it will probably take a little more than that to sink in with him.

Reviewer: SLWatson Signed [Report This]
Date: 04 May 2009 00:09 Title: 'Taking Stock of the Heart' [A Frontier Girl]

Some good interpersonal stuff happening here; I like it.

Author's Response:

Thanks again. Hope it doesn't bog down the story. I like to think it fleshes things out and ground everything that little bit more.

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