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Reviewer: CeJay Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 21 Apr 2016 06:47 Title: Chapter 1

Nice little epilogue to this great series of stories. After what Reihyn was able to accomplish with a badly outdated starship, it didn't come as much of a surprise that he would get another shot at the center seat. I like that he gets a ship with teeth this time around and even better that he stands up big for his old crew.

All this of course cries out for another adventure of the Orion II, to see what this captain and his once less than stellar crew can do on a modern starship.

Reviewer: kaldon75 Anonymous [Report This]
Date: 19 Apr 2016 21:46 Title: Chapter 1

Yes the intrepid class is better known, which does not mean we cant allow our imagination to take us into new directions. While I like the intrepid class, I am glad you didnt go with it.
This reminded me to say something about the Star Trek cliche's.

Perhaps the best example is " replicated food is terrible " sounds fammiliar ? Well I guess, enitonally you would always think your Mom's home cooking is better then what the replicator can deliver. But I see no reason for the replicated food to be terrible. Infact, by all logic replicated food should be just as good as real, if not better. Replicators work in a very simular principal as transporters, so if a transported person comes out on the other end perfectly the same as he was before transport, then i dont see why the replicator cant deliver a perfect steak, as it was when a real steak was scanned and put into the replicators memory.

Another clich'e that annoys me a lot is the insistance of so many authors fo the crew accomodations have to be cramped, uncomfortable, and generally very spartan. Why should the accomodation be spartan ? Of course, the senior officers have larger and more opulent quarters, but everyone else, even the lowliest crewman shoul have their own private quarters . Giving everyone on the ship a private place where they know they can always go to and be away from everyone is very important for the psychological well being of the crew. The quarters dont have to be luxurios, but they have to be nice and comfortable, perhaps a standard quarters should consist of a small living room, a bedroom, small private bathroom, and also contain a replicator for personnal use.

This is not a criticism, I am merely giving comments generally on the ST fiction. Infact i think on the first Orion you had each of the crewman have their own small room, that made me happy.

I encourige you to let your imagination roam freely, dont be bound by what was said or was not said in the movies or in the episodes.

Reviewer: kaldon75 Anonymous Liked [Report This]
Date: 18 Apr 2016 22:10 Title: Chapter 1

A Norway class ! good choice. Now D'Kehra is going to get the chanse to kick some Dominion ass, as for the sweet little Enan, I guess a position as a chief engeneer on a new advanced ship, will be like birthday and Christmass rolled into one. Well they dont have a Christmass in the Rigel system... but hey, I dont think she is the type to turn away a gift.

Hmmm who is going to be the new flight control officer, why not a sexy Betazoid or an ( unjoined ) Trill girl this time ? Good work, I am standing by for the continuation.

By the way, have you read the Dark Horizon stories by Michael Gray ? He knows how to write stories with lots of grandure, involving time travel, ancient mysteries, as well as intrigue and back stabbings involved in the work of the inteligence community. However the accent of the stories is on the inner doubts and the interpersonnal relationships of averige Starfleet officers, who try to put their lives together and to do best they can, but sometimes its just to much for them. In case you havent read it already, check it out you might like it.

Author's Response:

Thank you, I've always really liked the Norway-Class. For a time I did consider an Intrepid, since they're better known, but I like the former better so went with that instead.

D'Kehra will get to do what she does best, as well as having a few more newbies to take under her wing. As for Lanali, she'll have the Orion-II fine tuned to within an inch of its life :)

I have three new officers to introduce, who will be getting a little moment together in the next piece that I'm trying to write--if only RL would stop getting in the way!

I've read some of Michael's work, not much unfortunately. He is also an administrator of another board I am on, which focuses on Trek photomanips (and other artwork), and has some dame good work there too.

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