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Reviewer: CeJay Signed [Report This]
Date: 05 Apr 2016 15:55 Title: Chapter 1

The crew gets their first taste of action and things in fact come pretty close to actual blows here. I like the fact that tension isn't if they are going to survive a battle with the enemy, but if they even get into a battle in the first place.

And I liked the tension here quite a bit, the way these subpar Starfleet officers handle themselves if put on the spot. Some very nearly cracked, others lived up to their potential.

This isn't a tale about battles (at least not yet), but about what happens after, and that is a fascinating perspective.

Looking forward for Myza to join this crew, no doubt she'll have her hands full.

Author's Response: Thank you CeJay. After having written quite a few battles myself, I wanted to try an move away from that and look at things from people on the sidelines. I do have a couple of tactical engagements for the Orion ahead, one of which I'm working on now, but this is most certainly a ship from a bygone era not suited for modern warfare. I hope you enjoy the rest of them.

Reviewer: MIck Signed [Report This]
Date: 17 Mar 2016 17:12 Title: Chapter 1

Ok so the Orion made it out of spacedock and is put on search and rescue duty.  Immediately the crew is brought into the action.  Captain Burbank trying to be a gentlemen but almost forgetting to follow protocol, gave me a chuckle.  I liked Baxx’s line too I laughed along with Reihyn.  It was nice to see Ramirez no longer the trouble maker, but able bodied crewman.  Seeing the images of the destroyed ships on the viewscreen defiantly not good for the crew, but they knew that had jobs to do.


Again I like how you interwove this within canon with the Trial, I remember that ship being mentioned in an episode.  Of course Baxx would hate the EVA suit.  Jachim, while not wanting to be on the Orion, does seem to perform his duties here.  The Orion withstood it’s first trial by fire when the Cardassians showed up, I like how that was portrayed,  I did enjoy the captain’s log entry as well.


You showed that Koen was vulnerable, I like how you handled that.  He came to terms with his inabilities, and hopefully he grows from that.  It sounds like the Orion does have it’s fair share of problems with the warp drive.  It’ll be interesting to see what kind of an impact Myza will have now that she’s been appointed counselor.  


Again, another enjoyable story Bry.  Hope to see more with the Orion.

Author's Response: Baxx is at an age where he speaks his mind to everyone, no matter what rank or position they hold, so I foresee a lot of fun to be had with him. The Trial was one of the ships that arrived at DS9 in "Way of the Warrior" just after the Klingons attacked the station. Jachim may hate his assignment, but he is a professional and an officer looking to advance himself, so he's not going to screw that up just because he's stuck onboard. Reihyn is skilled, has potential, but is still young and lacks some of the polish of more experienced Captain's, so his logs are always being to be a little more honest. Mecell is someone who has a lot of scars from his past and no real clue on how to deal with them. The Orion is a flying repair job, every system is being held together with a lot of hope. As for Myza, it was as I was finishing up the first piece that I realised a Counsellor would actually make a lot of sense onboard, I just hadn't planned on one at the time, so I had to get one slipped onboard--especially one who is a little more multi-talented than we saw Troi.

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