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Reviewer: kes7 Signed [Report This]
Date: 30 Jun 2015 17:18 Title: Fairness

I had to look this one up because, Enterprise.  (If you read this, I'm sorry, jes!)  I actually did see the episode featuring Persis; I just didn't remember her name.  I can't really remember if the ep was well done or not, but I have always liked the concept of the augments.

Persis's situation here echoes Khan's in Space Seed or Into Darkness (AOS), of course, only she's been thrown even further forward in time.  You know I am ... not fond, we shall say, of ST:ID, but I do appreciate the depth they gave to Khan in some ways.  He wasn't just a psychopath convinced of his own superiority.  He had been used, and his brothers and sisters were in terrible danger.  He went a little (and by little I mean WTAF) off the rails in the end, but his early arguments had validity.  And I imagine that when he was awoken by Admiral Marcus/S31, his "choice" was a lot like the one Persis apparently had to make here.  

Given her hostility in this scene, it makes me wonder if we're in for more of the same from Persis.

(By the way, you can tell you've been on an X-Men kick.  The end of this scene would fit seamlessly into any one of those films.  That's a compliment, not a criticism, by the way.  It worked well.)

Author's Response:

Persis here is indeed thrown far into the future and has a lot to deal with; she's not going to go off the rails like Khan, but she definitely feels a sense of singleness that no one else can really sympathize with (yet) as an augment in the 33rd century.

And thank you for the compliment on the X-Men. I do like them so.

Reviewer: jespah Signed [Report This]
Date: 30 Jun 2015 12:04 Title: Fairness

The minute you said her name, I knew she was and - eek - this is fascinating. So she was plucked from death, a moment before, perhaps? Intriguing and interesting!

Author's Response:

She is one of my favorite guest stars from ENT and someone I actually missed when she got killed off. Her role here is much different than how she was in her episodes and she's really a fish out of water (as we'll see).

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