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Reviewer: kes7 Signed [Report This]
Date: 30 Apr 2014 22:46 Title: Mr. Adventure's Wild Ride

In reply to your comment, I do love that you took a minor character and ran with him.  I've done that in my own fic, too, and it's really rewarding to flesh them out like that.  There are plenty other slash writers here, so don't worry about making anyone angry.  IDIC and all that.  I wasn't mad about the title, either.  Just enforcing the rules.  ;-)

Author's Response: I figured you weren't mad. You've gotta enforce the rules, even when I sometimes forget all the details! It's good to be kept on my toes like that. I really do love writing about minor characters -- the "Peanut Gallery" characters, as I like to call them. Like our dear Scott Heisenberg here: I've got two posted stories completely about him, and I'm in the midst of writing a third story where he is prominently featured. Because I agree, it is so much fun to flesh them out and give them life.

Reviewer: kes7 Signed [Report This]
Date: 29 Apr 2014 20:27 Title: Mr. Adventure's Wild Ride

Hi, Welcome to Ad Astra!  I'm kes7, one of your friendly neighborhood admins.  :)

I was going to get on you for the chapter title because the Submission Rules say: "Titles and summaries must be kid friendly. No exceptions." This is an interesting case, however, since it's a town name.  Ah, languages.  Such fun.

I'm not into slash (especially K/S), but I liked that it was kept to the background in this piece, just part of the scenery.  Scott's likable, and the story itself was filled with a lighthearted kind of humor that made it a fun read.  I felt like Uhura was a little out of character, but she didn't get a lot of development in TOS, so I'll hand that one to you -- you could almost write her however you wanted and it would probably work if you sold it right.

Anyway, fun piece, but watch it with the chapter titles.  I'm actually going to edit your chapter title because ... well, like it says, no exceptions.  But I see what you did there, and it was funny word play.  You just can't do that where the kiddies can see it.  ;-)

Again, welcome!  (PS feel free to edit the title yourself to bring it in line with the TOS agreement if you don't like the way I edited it.  I'm at work on a quick break and didn't have time to think of anything clever.)

Author's Response: First, I did change the chapter title. It is was a language word play (and both the Norwegian city and the Austrian city are real places, as is Boring, OR), but I don't want to make people angry either. (Goodness knows that slash alone is enough to get people's dander no real need to stir up another hornet's nest.) Although I would honestly hope that the kiddies aren't going in to a story that has been rated for adult audiences, cause...yeah... I definitely agree that Uhura is a hard character to write. She was highly underdeveloped in TOS, and the new interpretation that she's been given in Abrams!verse drives me batty, which sometimes leaves me struggling to find the "true" Uhura. In some stories her characterization works out better than others. Such is life. When I looked at the character of Heisenberg (in all of his 30 seconds of glory on the screen in The Search for Spock) I saw this sweet, well meaning guy...probably somebody very smart, but somebody who doesn't always get the social cues right. In short, I saw somebody very easy to relate to, at least for myself. And for all of the serious themes in the Final Frontier, there is also a strong sense of humor and fun (campy or otherwise), and I definitely wanted to bring that same aspect to this story. I'm glad that it comes across. And certainly I can respect that not everybody's into slash. Different strokes for different folks, as the saying goes. All of us writers always have our own takes and angles, finding what speaks to us and developing those aspects of the characters. That's the great thing about fanfiction: it lets us explore angles and approaches that weren't always tackled on the screen.

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