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Reviewer: FalseBill Signed [Report This]
Date: 06 Oct 2013 17:20 Title: Chapter 6

Good use of Captain Log to update events since the last chapter.

Not quiet sure what to make of the Andorian issues with dominant females, but it is interesting to see how it develops.

Nice to see Dr. Cheng make the point about the use of both uniforms and remind the Captain that she does intimidate her crew. Did love the line if you worn feather so would I.

So the captain has mummy issues, well that might explain something about her trying to be a tomboy and being an ex-starfighter pilot.
Seems she firmly in the no families on starships mould, and given her farther worries about her, it seems to make sense.

Nice touch and an interesting pair of scenes with Kieran and his father on the Bridge and in the quarters over the pocket watch. Let hope the GWR watch makes it home after five years.

Poor Salem science Station on Canaris IV, clearly should be calling Starfleet first before going to active scans, why do I think the first mission for the Excalibur is about to come out of the left field.

Still you doing a good job of keeping me interested in this Captain and her crew.

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