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Reviewer: Miranda Fave Signed [Report This]
Date: 31 May 2014 01:25 Title: Chapter 1

Hee, hee. He indeed lost the bet. I kinda figured it was that kind of scene once Andy accepted the bet from Abby, however, the scene as portrayed was just so adorable, it really was. More than that though, it shows just how much Cor accepts Scotty into his family and how much Scotty feels a part of Cor's family. Isn't something else that he should find such a warm and loving home after so much of his life spent without. No wonder then that Scotty is sentry, has an instinctual need to protect Cor and his family. He will protect those he feels, thinks or even imagines will cause harm to them. And I find myself marvelling then at how you can return to the Wolf mantra with Scotty and Cor and it always resonates with a rich and deep meaning. I am always impressed too by the level of sincerity to the words and emotions and how you can play and dance between the sweet, light and fun scenes of the start and end to bookend something that is much deeper, personal in its exploration and touching too.


Oh and, sigh, I have to admit there was also a great big smile at the image of Scotty singing to the babies on a regular basis, and here particularly with himself falling asleep with babe in arms, and murmuring a last line before falling off to nod himself too. And how very Scot that even as he manages to fall alseep he finds an engineered way to keep the babe from rolling off and safely ensconced upon him. Sweet. Adorable. Pragmatic and inventive. I rather guess attributes needed to be a parent. One now wonders what Scotty would have been like as an actual dad. Did you ever toy with that storyline possibility?

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