Reviews For Jim's Vacation
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Reviewer: trekfan Signed [Report This]
Date: 29 May 2013 05:48 Title: Chapter 1

And so ends Jim’s vacation. What a trip it was. From the beginning it seemed he needed to get away from things, to allow himself some air to breathe, and I think Spock sensed this through their link. Obviously, Spock was right in calling for a vacation. Jim needed it and the Enterprise, on a mission, is absolutely the type of getaway he requires. He’s a captain, first and foremost, and he likes to be out amongst the galaxy.

The planet is obviously exotic in nature and totally foreign, but the trio fall into a native trap and fall hard. The idea of Kirk/Spock/McCoy all in a wooden cage, talking about what’s bugging Jim is as funny as it is heartwarming. The three hit a nice note here in the wilds before things get nasty. Mating? Execution? Yikes.

Anna hitting her pon farr was bad timing and certainly didn’t help things, but Teva stepped in and helped hold off the tide. She played a nice motherly figure role here. Adam leaps to the rescue, obviously knowing he needs to step up for his daughter, and he gets Jim back in true Starfleet fashion: phasers at the ready and sharp words equally prepared.

The ending, with the birth of Carol, was bittersweet as Anna could no longer have children, but they’re a happy family. And that’s what’s important. Jim came to grips with what he needed and he didn’t let his jealousy mess up the best thing in his life. Good job.   

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