Reviews For Jim's Surprise
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Reviewer: trekfan Signed [Report This]
Date: 29 May 2013 02:26 Title: Chapter 1

Well, this was another fascinating tale in the new Kirk family. Anna goes back to the Academy, gets what she needs and gets pregnant! Poor Kirk, I doubt he was prepared for it but he took it like a champ. Anna getting assigned to Starbase 17, where apparently the Klingons are just too stubborn to take a hint, and Anna having to take command so abruptly (Teegan was the redshirt death of this story, nicely done) was well done. The pace was good.

And then Anna goes and does the unthinkable! She activates the self-destruct! I couldn’t believe she was going to do this, especially after getting married to Jim and being pregnant. But she was a Starfleet officer first and she was going to do her duty to death. But man, what a moment.

Jim shows up, swoops in, batters the nasty Klingons, and gets his wife back. Then, a wormhole. Wow. Man, that’s some big things there and Starfleet was right to transfer him there. With such an important discovery now sitting right outside their doorway, they need an experienced commander there. Kirk is that guy and it works out beautifully that Anna is there too.

McCoy gets some nice one liners here and the birth scene was a nice one, joy and surprised intermingled in the beautiful moment of life realized.  

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