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Reviewer: newaunty Signed [Report This]
Date: 30 Jul 2013 16:46 Title: Epilogue

Yes! The last chapter should definitely be here, it adds so much poignance, and makes their deaths real by showing their friends.
I was expecting McCoy to find faint life signs and miraculously revive them - huge kudos for not going down that path!
This is a lovely story (well, except for the torture, but you know what I mean) - thank you so much for posting it here.

Author's Response:

Thank you!  So glad you enjoyed it - well, appreciated it anyway given the nature of the story.  I just couldn't bring myself to find a miraculous way to save them once the story took that turn.  It would have felt like a cop-out.  And thanks for the positive vote on the epilogue - it's here because, like you, I felt it was needed.

Welcome to the site, by the way! :D

Reviewer: FalseBill Signed [Report This]
Date: 20 Jul 2013 19:45 Title: The Last Full Measure - part one

LBD, I take my hat off to you on this, you manage to capture Kirk & Spock in the no win situation at Kor hands.

It was an adult story with real heart and I agree K&S won on their terms the only way they could.

The story works without the epilogue but I was personnel please to see it added, as I think McCoy and chapel reactions, sell the high price the two paid for the federation.

Author's Response:

Thanks, FalseBill.  As I've said repeatedly below, this wrecked me for days after I was done with it, so it does my heart good to know that it resonated with others as well.

Thanks for the input on the epilogue.  Had I known I'd do a sequel, it could've (and did) find a home there, but to me, it's important to this tale if one chooses not to read the follow-up story.

Reviewer: trekfan Signed [Report This]
Date: 25 Nov 2012 21:16 Title: Epilogue

Wow. ... I have mixed emotions about this. I don't know if I can ever see Kirk giving up but if there was ever a scenario where he would, it would be the one described here. It was heartwrenching to read and the epilogue, where McCoy is the last one left ... it screams lonely. He's it.

I don't know if you ever plan to follow up on McCoy, but I'd like to know what happens to him ... being the last of the big three left, I don't know where he goes without Kirk and Spock.

Author's Response:

Thanks.  As a diehard K&S&M fan, this was extremely difficult for me to write from an emotional standpoint.  As I've said to other reviewers below, I don't see this as Kirk giving up-if he had he would have given in to Kor's demands-but as a way to beat the no-win scenario on his own terms.  It may have cost the two their lives, but allowed Kirk to not be forced to compromise his principles-a victory to his mind.

Funny you should ask about McCoy, for several others did, too, so the tale of those left behind continues in 'The Long Way Home.'

Reviewer: Strider Signed [Report This]
Date: 30 May 2012 07:50 Title: Epilogue

I don't think the story needed an epilogue, but I always appreciate time with Bones and Scotty. It's good to get the doctor's objective view of their end.

Author's Response:

Again, it's still a 50-50 split for and against.  My reasoning was even though we tend to think of K&S as a unit, they really are a triad, their relationship to one another influenced by each of their individual friendships with McCoy.  I simply couldn't take that bold step of killing them off without showing how if affected McCoy.  If only I'd had a clue at the time that there'd be a sequel...;-)

Reviewer: Strider Signed [Report This]
Date: 30 May 2012 07:44 Title: The Last Full Measure - part two

Although I can't see Jim and/or Spock giving up, I think you've hit on the one circumstance that would have made them do so. I also think you've really struck the balance of each sacrificing for and protecting the other. It was a very moving story; thank you so much for writing it.

Author's Response:

Honestly, I didn't see it as giving up, but Kirk's desperate bid to beat the no-win scenario once again.  It may have cost them their lives, but it surely kept the Klingons from making good on their promise with regard to Spock, and allowed Kirk to make the choice that wouldn't compromise either his principles or those of the Federation.

The sacrificing for and protecting of the other was a no brainer, and what draws me hook, line and sinker into the complex relationship between these two.

*bows*  You're very welcome.  I'm pleased that it touched you in some way, especially given the context.  My original idea was not to have the story go down this path, but often they have a mind of their own, and once I started writing this was the course it chose...and it was all I could do to hang on for dear life.

Reviewer: Strider Signed [Report This]
Date: 30 May 2012 05:44 Title: The Last Full Measure - part one

Ack, what a tense first chapter! I HATE the Klingons' idea! Of course, that's why it's brilliant, but geez...

Author's Response:

When I was first introduced to Kor at age eleven, even then the pure potential for malevolence the character exuded was not lost on me.  This is a much darker look at how that episode could have played out...

Reviewer: Gibraltar Signed [Report This]
Date: 31 Mar 2012 21:20 Title: The Last Full Measure - part one

You've really captured the flavor of these characters, and your dialogue is crisp and flows effortlessly.

Kor and his officers are just as cold, calculating, and cruel as I would expect, and Krethal's plan will doubtless test the bonds of Kirk and Spock's friendship as well as their physical and spiritual endurance.

Terrific stuff!

Author's Response:

Thanks, Gibraltar.  This was extremely painful for me to write - it's hard to put characters you've idolized since childhood into harm's way - but their resilience and strength of resolve was never in question.  It helps tremendously to know I've captured their spirits, even in the midst of such a dire tale.

As always, thanks for reading and taking the time to offer feedback - it is so very appreciated!

Reviewer: Mistral Signed [Report This]
Date: 08 Mar 2012 20:41 Title: Epilogue

You made the right decision. McCoy as the Observer summarized the situation perfectly.

Author's Response:

Thanks, Mistral.  I felt it was vitally important to get his view/opinion on what happened, so that's why I ultimately included the epilogue.  They are a triad after all, so we needed to see how it impacted him, as well as the rest of the crew.

Several people have asked me for a sequel, showing just that, so one is in the works.

Great.  3-3 split, for and against. :O

Reviewer: Enterprise1981 Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 04 Mar 2012 20:48 Title: The Last Full Measure - part one

I didn't mind the epilogue, but I could have done without out. It surely conveys the sense of camaraderie amongst the entire ensemble, not just the Big Two or the Big Three. This will have all kinds of long-ranging implications much like your alternate ending to "Amok Time". This story seemed the perfect way for both Kirk and Spock to go out in a blaze of glory serving the needs of the many over the needs of the few.

Author's Response:

Gosh, just realized I haven't answered this yet.  Sorry E1981.  I'm glad such a horrible (to my mind) ending could be seen in a positive light.  While my alternate ending to 'Amok Time' was just plain tragic, and least there was a good reason for the dark turn of events at the end of this piece.

As always, thanks for reading and reviewing. :D

Reviewer: jespah Signed [Report This]
Date: 28 Feb 2012 23:59 Title: The Last Full Measure - part one

Wonderfully well done.

What I was hoping for were stories where everything pivots on a decision point or two. And the decisions here are the aliens hitting the road and leaving us to our fate, in addition to Kirk deciding that this is it, he's had enough and can't take anymore.

You had asked for feedback as to whether the epilogue was needed. I'm not sure. I looked at the story both with and without it and I suspect it might be better without it, and you're left to wonder what happened, and whether it all mattered.

Author's Response:

Thank you, jespah.  You caught the two decisions perfectly:  the Organians choosing not to interfere settiing up this AU, and Kirk, always looking for a way to beat the no-win scenario.  Unfortunately, this represents his most desperate (and final) attempt to do so.

As for the epilogue, the jury is split right down the middle based on the feedback I've gotten over whether or not to include it.  I'll PM you later with my reasoning for why I ultimately decided it was necessary.

Reviewer: Ln X Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 28 Feb 2012 22:00 Title: Epilogue

Wow! I've barely even seen TOS or known that well the characters, but this was classic tragedy stuff! The epilogue is perfect as you took the bold decision to bump off Kirk and Spock. I like it that Kirk and Spock did some sort of ritual suicide together.

If you had Kirk finally relenting, and then Kor bumping off Spock and Kirk that would have been a good way to kill them off as well. But the important thing is you killed the big two off, and made the story really powerful. I have to admit I am genuinely impressed, and I'll taking note of your writing style with my stories.

Killing Kirk and Spock sealed this story the five stars I'm about to give to it. Well done, and these more political slash action/adventure stories I think have more oomph to them. This is one of those few stories in this site that have soul; that are not just a collection of chapters and words, but are stories in their own right. With story you achieved that.

Author's Response:

Gosh Ln X, I'm truly humbled by that bit of praise.  I know you're not a TOS guy, nor are emotional, character-driven stories your thing, so if I've managed to make you feel so deeply for Kirk & Spock with this piece, then I've accomplished something indeed. :D

As for Kirk relenting, I simply couldn't do that - it would have been too OOC for him to bow to the pressure and give in to Kor's demands.  Changing the parameters of a given situation to suit his needs is his trademark - a character trait I was unwilling to mess with. ;-)

Reviewer: Mackenzie Calhoun Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 28 Feb 2012 16:00 Title: The Last Full Measure - part one

I'd like to think I say this without bias that this is one of the finest Trek pieces I've read. As I've said before the writing reminds me of Diane Carey at times, that fondness and familiarty of the characters. The Holy Trinity.
An interesting spin on the episode, of what could've been, a nastier grittier version and sometimes that's needed. The final moments of Kirk/Spock packs heavy emotional weight.
Part of me wouldn't mind seeing a story down the work of the ramifications of this episode but for now, the rest is silence.

Author's Response:

Mack, you truly honor me.  I'm completely floored by your comments.  And your vision of the ending without the epilogue was truly inspired.  It will always spring to mind whenever I think of this piece.

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