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Reviewer: Miranda Fave Signed [Report This]
Date: 10 Nov 2011 23:47 Title: Indestructible

Brenok's wife shows true courage and strength like so many other soldiers' wives. To endure the wait as their serving husbands are away and to endure the fear and freezing grip of always worrying that they may lose them to war. However, worse than that though is here where she has to try and nurse his injuries. But the injuries go far deeper than the scars that can be hidden with unregular haircuts. He needs a purpose because duty and service are so instilled in him. It must be gutting to Asra that he can not find the same duty and purpose by staying at home with the family. But better that he return, thanks to Atira, to duty so that it is not forced on him to stay at home and maybe resent it. This way, home remains a refuge, the place he thinks of when he sings and hums, even when serving on Cardassian galors. Very good tensions between the married the couple, that struggle to keep up appearances, to struggle through the difficulties when love underpins it all but life is working against it. Really well done.

Author's Response:

Yes, Asra grows to accept his need of service. It doesn't mean she'd worry any less, but she slowly understood that a civilian life is not something he wants and it would make him unhappy. And she wants him happy. Her love for him was stronger than his fears, than his injuries and than his awful behaviour.

The sad irony is that they are Lakarians. When the Dominion War comes and ends, he will be the one who stayed alive and suffer the loss of his wife and daughter, living a long life himself.

Thanks for reading and reviewing :)

Reviewer: Ln X Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 30 Sep 2011 19:57 Title: Indestructible

Terrific piece! Great way of delving into your average Cardassian wife who has a soldier for a husband. Nice one, you have a real talent for writing Cardassian stories!

Author's Response:

Thanks :) I try to show Cardassians from all sides, not only brutal conquerors of Bajor, so it required some worldbuilding and looking "behind the scenes." And considering this is a militaristic society, there must be a lot of such wives.

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