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A Confederacy of Decembers by Mackenzie Calhoun K
Is it family when you gather a bunch of characters together? It was the best...
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Rechercé Refugee by GulCaprice K
Constable Odo and the defected Weyoun 6 crashed on an alien planet in the delta...
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Ghost In The Machine by karracaz T
Spock is taken ill on the way to Sassandran. While there, Kirk is kidnapped...

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TToT15 - Week 1 - Ficlet Flashdance

Week 1 - Day 1:

The Twelve Trials of Triskelion begin today! Hooray!

Challenge One is the popular and manical rush of the Ficlet Flashdance.

This event tests your dedication, your writing muscles and your ability to turn out 500 words or less of quality material every single day for seven days.


  • 500 words (or less).
  • A ficlet posted each day. Yes each day.
  • Standalone or part of a series.
  • The fic has to be posted by midnight (your time and not posted before midnight your time).
  • Winner chosen by vote
  • Challenges submitted here.

Get ficletting! Get writing. Then get reading and reviewing all the entries (check the competition out) and ENJOY! Happy writing!


--Miranda Fave on 17 May 2015 02:58 0 Comments

The Twelve Trials of Triskelion! (2015 edition)

Attention, thralls!

Yes, you!  All of you!  Twelve trialsDon your candy-colored pain compliance collars and come into the arena for the Twelve Trials of Triskelion!  Your creative muscles will be pushed. Your talents will be polished to a shine!  Your outfits will be silver lame and very, very flimsy!

You also might start now with coordinating with your partners on any collaborative works and rallying your fellow thralls!

We kick off Sunday, May 17th, with the Ficlet Flashdance!  Seven days.  Seven short stories.  Be there!

--jespah on 02 May 2015 08:58 0 Comments

April Challenge - Minor Ailments

As submitted by Jespah!

Let's do a challenge about minor medical issues, seeing as my allergies are running (heh) rampant right now.



So, nothing life or death, and it might not even merit a visit to sickbay. But someone or other is under the weather in our various universes.



Also: Last challenge before TToT15, coming mid-May!


See: challenge on the forums


--jespah on 16 Apr 2015 08:39 0 Comments